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Our People

MDC has always prided itself on the diversity of skills and talent among its staff, board, senior fellows, and young Autry Fellows. The one thing they have in common is a passion for the work of creating equity for those who have not been able to share in America’s economic successes.

Our staff includes people experienced in research, community building, program creation and management, resource development and controls, philanthropic visioning, conference planning, writing, and communications. But it also is a multi-talented staff that prides itself on being able to collaborate and meld ideas and programs to address the complex challenges that institutions and communities face.

MDC is committed to sustainability, which is defined by a commitment to “The 3Ps:” “People, Planet & Performance.” The MDC staff recognizes the need to focus on cost and waste reduction in these three areas so that more resources can be devoted to our mission of helping organizations and communities close the gaps that separate people from opportunity. Although MDC has been committed to sustainable practices since it was founded in 1967, we are currently in the process of making this commitment official by working toward Green Plus certification.