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Carol Lincoln

Senior Fellow
Carol has more than 45 years' experience at MDC working on issues of educational access, workforce development, and rural community development. In addition to being a senior program manager, she was national director of Achieving the Dream: Community Colleges Count while MDC was the initiative's managing partner and currently serves as the organization's senior vice president. From 1994 through 2003 she directed the Rural Community College Initiative's (RCCI) national demonstration program to increase educational access and economic opportunity in distressed rural communities. From 1998-2004, she co-led MDC's international work in Namibia and South Africa, where lessons from RCCI were used to help four-year institutions become catalysts for development in impoverished rural regions. She coauthored Let's Do It our Way: Working Together for Educational Excellence and America's Shame, America's Hope: Twelve Million Youth at Risk, which led to a national PBS television project to raise public awareness of the large numbers of youth leaving school unprepared for postsecondary education or careers. Previous experience includes the New York State Manpower Resources Commission and New York State Manpower Planning Council and later the National Commission for Employment Policy. 
Educational background: Mathematics and sociology (State University of New York at Albany).