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North Carolina's Economic Imperative:
Building an Infrastructure of Opportunity
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What does MDC stand for?

Data Snapshot


necessary hourly family-supporting wage for a single parent with one child in NC. That's a


annual salary.


#100 (of 100)

The rank of Fayetteville, NC, for percentage gain (or loss) in adult income from growing up in the top 100 commuting zones in the U.S.

(-17.8% loss)

Just 21% 

of entry-level jobs in North Carolina have median hourly wage above the family-supporting wage.


Network for Southern Economic Mobility


The Network is a group of Southern communities committed to increasing upward economic mobility for young adults in the lowest income brackets. 


MDC is now accepting proposals to join the Network. 




Read the RFP

The State of the South Blog

07.26.2016 by
A new report released last month by the Economic Policy Institute displays data on the extensive income inequality across the United States. With the gap between the rich and the poor increasingly...... Read More

Charting new pathways since 1967


MDC was founded as a legacy of the North Carolina Fund


Publication of Shadows in the Sunbelt refocuses MDC's work on sustainable economic development in the South


Creation of Foundation for the Mid South addresses the causes of poverty through long-term philanthropic investment


Publication of first chapter of State of the South, addressing the impact of globalization on the region