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State of the South 2014: Danville, VA

In the age of startups, business incubators, and Silicon Valley, entrepreneurship conjures images of computer scientists, high-tech companies, and sleek offices in big cities.

State of the South 2014: Northern Neck,VA

There used to be so many oysters in Chesapeake Bay that ships would run aground on reefs piled high with them. By the turn of the 20th century, oystermen were harvesting 20 million bushels a year, delivered by steamship and rail to cities up and down the East Coast.

Get on the Bus

It might seem counterintuitive, but sometimes the most valuable trips you can take are in your own backyard.

What’s Got MDC Buzzing?

It’s hot out there. Probably makes you feel a bit lazy. But if you’ve got the energy for a few more mouse clicks, drag that laptop underneath the ceiling fan and check out some of these links.

For Some Rural Southern Counties, Departure Worse Than Death

It’s refreshing when statistics bear out what our instincts tell us will happen. And here’s one of those: Generally speaking, Southern counties with the highest unemployment rates tend to have declining populations—that is, when people can’t get a job, they’re likely to leave town.


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