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Our Approach

For nearly 50 years, MDC has helped organizations and communities close the gaps that separate people from opportunity. An essential part of MDC's philosophy is that the pathway to opportunity is cleared by creating equity—removing the social, financial, and educational barriers that make it harder for those left behind to take advantage of the opportunities America offers. We do this by first creating a will for change—getting to know a community or organization, connecting leaders across social and political lines, and helping them understand the particular barriers they face. We highlight gaps through historical and statistical research, we identify solutions with a high potential for success, and we mobilize leaders to address the issues raised. From that work comes sustainable programs and systemic change that can connect people with the financial supports to stabilize their lives, the education and training they need to get better jobs, and the industries that will benefit from their labors and improve the entire community.

Our organizing formula:
Education + Work + Assets = the Pathway to Opportunity.

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