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Charlotte TV Examines How The Benefit Bank® of North Carolina Helps People

Charlotte TV Examines How The Benefit Bank® of North Carolina Helps People

There’s news about The Benefit Bank of North Carolina, which MDC sponsors in collaboration with more than 200 churches, community-based organizations, and other sites around the state.

WSOC-TV in Charlotte, N.C., did a report on the more than $2 billion in supports that eligible, low- and moderate-income North Carolinians are not accessing to help them get food for their families and other resources to help them make ends meet, secure education and training, and gain and keep jobs. 

The story highlights how The Benefit Bank of North Carolina helped Navy veteran James Madison, who didn’t realize he was eligible for veterans and other benefits that allowed him to have three back surgeries and necessary medicine. 

“It’s led me back out to life again,” said Mr. Madison.

He’s one of thousands of clients have been helped to apply for more than $47 million in work, education, and income supports through The Benefit Bank of North Carolina.

The story also explains how Jerry McKee worked with Crisis Assistance Ministry—which offers The Benefit Bank to its clients and the public—to determine he may be eligible for student financial aid to secure additional education and training. Mr. McKee intends to learn how to install bathroom tile and other home remodeling skills to complement his bricklaying abilities and to expand his work income potential.

As MDC President David Dodson says in this video from The Benefit Bank of Texas, “Benefits aren’t an end in themselves. They’re a means for relieving the financial pressures that people feel that may prevent them from persisting for a degree or being able to go out and find a job.”