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Congratulations to Duke's Dr. Victor Dzau

Congratulations to Duke's Dr. Victor Dzau

Congratulations to Duke University Health System President and CEO Dr. Victor Dzau on being named the new president of the nonprofit Institute of Medicine, the nation’s leading independent voice on issues of healthcare delivery, evidence-based research, and health policy.

Through his role as Task Force chair of Made in Durham, a community-led initiative to create an education-to-career system in Durham that benefits all the city’s young adults, we at MDC have seen firsthand Dr. Dzau’s personal dedication to improving the public wellbeing, locally and nationally, through improved health care, quality education, and access to living-wage employment.

As MDC President David Dodson said in a recent newspaper article announcing Dr. Dzau’s new position, “His commitment to excellence, his belief in better outcomes for all human beings, just has inspired us and created a very powerful group of people who are committed to these better outcomes for Durham’s young people.”

Dr. Dzau said he plans to continue living in Durham and working with the Made in Durham initiative after he begins his new post on July 1. In a recent speech at the Emerging Issues Forum at N.C. State University, he discussed the importance of making sure all young people are prepared for the next generation of jobs. (You can view Dr. Dzau's slide presentation here.)

“All of our businesses depend on having a strong, motivated workforce. And so do our communities,” he said. “It is clear that the future of our children and young people are critical to both our business and community interests…"

“With Made in Durham, we are positioning employers as co-creators of Durham’s education and workforce development so that every young person who has been ‘made’ in Durham has the academic and work skills to compete successfully for satisfying employment within our great region.”

We wish Dr. Dzau the best in his new position and are grateful that he will continue to be a part of Made in Durham and the work to improve the lives of Durham’s young people.