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What's got MDC buzzing?

What's got MDC buzzing?

A number of stories this week demonstrate the intersection of equity, employment, and economic security. This Tennessee Tribune article explores the persistent disparity between employment rates for black and white workers. Next consider this Duke study that finds a similar disparity between whites and black and Hispanic homebuyers, with people of color paying 3.5 percent more for comparable homes in four metro US markets. Given these data, this New York Times piece that looks at a new Urban Institute study that documents the widening wealth gap between black and white households won’t surprise you, but it ought to make us rethink how we approach employment and housing policy.

And while we’re talking about gaps, check out Sean Reardon’s contribution to the New York Times Opinionator. In “No Rich Child Left Behind,” Reardon examines how and why educational success gaps between high- and low-income students has grown steadily over the last three decades. In fact, “the rich-poor gap in test scores is about 40 percent larger now than it was 30 years ago.” Reardon (and his Stanford graduate students) have done a lot of digging and found that the widening gap can’t be attributed to falling test scores or racial achievement gaps; in fact, it’s more about income inequality and the opportunities and activities that wealthy families are able to provide for their children. Read the whole article to see some of Reardon’s suggested policy responses.


  • Pope Francis has something to say about employment and equity, too. Also: Iggy Pop.
  • Brookings says we should be paying more attention to time-to-degree, not just college completion.
  • This New York Times article looks at using MOOCs (massively open online courses) to deliver the remedial classes that many students need before beginning college-level work. For your grain of salt, check out this research from the Community College Research Center on online learning and this response from some faculty.
  • CFED was featured in this PBS Need to Know segment on college savings accounts. And you can watch a webinar with even more details on May 9.
  • Have a Twitter account? Fancy yourself an armchair advocate? The folks at the Gates Foundation’s blog, Impatient Optimists, think you should be following these hashtags.