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What's Got MDC Buzzing?

What's Got MDC Buzzing?

The Daily Yonder is really cooking these days—and you should belly up to the bar. Published by the Center for Rural Strategies, The Yonder looks at rural issues across the nation, telling the story and analyzing the data that often gets left off the front page. Another reason we love The Daily Yonder? The editor, Bill Bishop, was a Ford Foundation writer-in-residence at MDC in the early ‘90s. You’ll want to check out Bishop’s story today “Big Changes in Rural/Exurban Poverty Rates.” Bishop notes that the Southeast has a disproportionate share of the top-50 counties with increased poverty. But there’s more exploring to do: the South had the majority of the top-50 counties with decreased poverty.

The Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation just released a new report, “Sustaining State Policy Infrastructure for an Impact on Poverty.” The Foundation commissioned the report—a scan of 37 organizations in 11 states (grantees of MRBF)—as a learning project for their board and staff. The report author, Gita Gulati Partee, identifies qualities of effective state policy work from coordinating strategies and resources to principled compromise to building organizational and network capacity. Partee also makes recommendations for funders who wish to support and sustain a diverse and connected state policy infrastructure that helps people move out of poverty.

We’re not movie critics, so we’ll leave the Oscar buzz to other blogs. But we did think this piece from Imara Jones over on Colorlines was interesting. In light of Quentin Tarrantino’s much acclaimed and much criticized new film (like every QT film), Jones presents ten facts about slavery and the growth in the global industrial economy that don’t make it in to Hollywood versions of history.

Itching to write a little higher-ed haiku? Check out Inside Higher Ed’s online poetry magnet. Take a break from your to-do list, linger in front of the metaphorical fridge, and compose a little postsecondary tribute to Basho.

And if you need a little more relaxation, spend a few minutes with these baby eaglets on the Southwest Florida Eagle Cam. (C’mon! It’s Friday!)