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02.10.2016 by Jenna Bryant
The Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation, headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, understands that career opportunities that pay family sustaining wages... read more
02.03.2016 by
New Superintendent of Vance County Schools, Dr. Anthony Jackson, participated in those discussions. Jackson was featured last week in WUNC’s series... read more
01.26.2016 by
On average, national tuition and fees for four-year institutions have gone up 40 percent over the last ten years. Tuition increases are also the norm... read more
01.15.2016 by
In his final State of the Union address on Tuesday, President Obama covered a range of important issues—from foreign relations to scientific and tech... read more
01.15.2016 by Stephanie Saunders
We are at a critical moment in early education. According to A Better Start: Why Diversity in Preschool Classrooms Matters, the recent surge in early... read more
01.08.2016 by Jenna Bryant
The beginning of the year always makes me revisit my annual budget, evaluate my savings plan, and start to think about taxes. As I think about the... read more
12.21.2015 by
On this blog and around the office at MDC we talk a lot about economic mobility and the lack of opportunity for upward mobility for many low-income... read more
12.18.2015 by Anna Shelton-Ormond
Here on the State of the South blog, we talk a lot about wealth stratification and how a young person’s chances for economic mobility change based on... read more
12.11.2015 by
Since their founding in 2005 (happy 10th anniversary), the Danville Regional Foundation has engaged in local investment to help the Danville region... read more
12.03.2015 by Abby Parcell
A recent update to the Annie E. Casey Foundation Kids Count Data Book shows that 1.3 million youth ages 16-19 in the U.S. were disconnected from both... read more