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08.06.2015 by
It’s no secret: the quality of a child’s education is one of the most important factors in her future success. It’s also no secret that educational... read more
07.30.2015 by Abby Parcell
Walking along the wide, tree-lined Main Street of downtown Greenville, S.C., it is hard to imagine that just 40 years ago the same path was deserted... read more
07.22.2015 by Abby Parcell
“We are not Greece. I want to know why we say we don’t have enough money to serve these students. We have enough money—we prioritize our spending... read more
07.20.2015 by
This post originally appeared on the NC Policy Watch blog. To learn more about building an innovation economy in North Carolina, check out a new... read more
07.15.2015 by
You’ve heard it before: college isn’t for everyone. People who say that often have a pretty narrow definition of “college”, but in reality,... read more
07.10.2015 by
At MDC, we talk a lot about equity. Equity is related to, but not the same as, the American ideal of equal opportunity, which is, as MDC’s president... read more
07.02.2015 by
When President Obama gave a eulogy for Rev. Clementa Pinckney last Friday, he urged us all to reflect on history as we work to build a more just... read more
07.01.2015 by
Residential segregation is a huge barrier to an equitab
06.26.2015 by
Yesterday, the Supreme Court ruled that an important co
06.24.2015 by
With an economy that grew initially around tobacco mark