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MDC President David Dodson Featured Op-Ed in Raleigh News & Observer

Fri, 09/11/2015 - 16:00 -- admin

"We've been told over and over that with diligence and hard work, anyone in America can be successful," writes MDC President David Dodson in an op-ed published today in the News & Observer, "In fact, Raleigh and the rest of the Triangle are among the hardest places in the nation for young people at the bottom of the income ladder to move up."

Fact is, it is more difficult in the American South than anywhere else in the nation for someone born into the bottom of the income ladder to make it up the ladder later in life. 

Dodson's op-ed surveys compares high Forbes magazine "Best in Business" rankings for major Southern cities with their low rankings for the economic mobility of their residents, and shares a vision for improving economic mobility through construction of an "Infrastructure of Opportunity." 

Read the full op-ed, "The Triangle's broken economic ladder."