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Publications: Research Reports

MDC has been publishing reports based on our research that not only present issues and data through our lens of equity and opportunity, but also are meant to be readable and accessible to a wide readership. The documents featured here represent MDC’s larger body of work, from program evaluations to research reports to guidebooks for building community partnerships. Visit Library World to see a full archive of original MDC publications, as well as other resource materials that help inform our work and direct our research. (Login: MDC LIBRARY. No password needed.)
One in ten American youth ages 16 to 24 are disconnected from the conventional paths of education, work, and civic engagement that lead to productive adulthood.
The second chapter of the State of the South 2010 series examines the South's lagging educational attainment rates, particularly among African Americans and Latinos.
From 1980 until 2000, the South was on a trajectory to erase the poverty gap that perennially separated the region and the rest of the country.
A 1998 State of the South Interim Report analyzing the distribution and concentration of income and wealth among Southern families by race/ethnicity and relative to the U.S. as a whole.  
A regional-level analysis of 30-year trends in population, jobs, income, poverty, and education in the South, concentrating on how various segments of the region's population are faring, with spe
A regional-level analysis of the impact of globalization on the Southern economy, with an analysis of trends in business mix changes, trade, foreign direct investment, occupational mix changes, i
While several metropolitan areas have burgeoned and some rural communities have made a successful economic transition, economic shadows have darkened in many Southern rural and urban places that
State of the South 2007 calls upon the region's philanthropic organizations to think more creatively and act more boldly to help the South address its self-limiting inequities and spur its compet
"MDC's first-rate report calls upon Southern leaders to step up and meet serious public education issues, especially the status of the high school.
The concluding chapter of MDC's The State of the South 2010 series, finds that for the region to move forward, Southern leaders must look beyond budget cuts and focus instead on education reform
As North Carolina strives to meet the challenges of the current economic downturn and seeks to address the past quarter century of rising costs and falling wages, stagnating savings and a disappe