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The Working Families Success Strategy College Implementation Guide

The Working Families Success Strategy College Implementation Guide offers detailed information for institutions interested in starting or expanding a Working Families Success effort at their institution.

What is the WFS strategy at community colleges? The Working Families Success strategy brings together—or bundles—access to a full range of essential supports to help families build self-sufficiency, stabilize their finances, and move ahead. WFS makes it easier for families to tap into all of the services and supports for which they qualify, filling in the gaps and helping them weather unexpected setbacks that can prevent students and their families from meeting their economic and educational goals. 

Who should use this guide? This implementation guide is designed to be used by community college leaders, faculty, and staff who are interested in starting or expanding a Working Families Success effort at their institution.

What’s in the guide? The guide includes:

  • The key characteristics of a Working Families Success strategy at a community college, and how to get buy-in from college leadership.
  • A detailed discussion of how to design and implement the strategy at a community college with descriptions of such issues as determining which student population to offer services, creating a staffing plan, determining what services to offer, conducting student outreach, funding, and planning for sustainability.
  • Descriptions of how the three pillars of the WFS model are delivered in the community college context.
  • Real world examples of how community colleges from California to Connecticut are implementing WFS strategies. 
  • Links to more than 50 separate tools and materials currently in use by these colleges, as well as tools developed by practitioners who have been working with these colleges.

How to access the guide: The interactive guide allows for the tools and materials to be downloaded by users and updated and added to on a regular basis. Go to to see the guide and to learn more about how a WFS can be implemented and scaled at your institution. For more information, please contact MDC Program Director Dan Broun at or 919.381.5802 x323.